The company Montpreis is a family business with a 23 years of tradition. It was founded in 1991 and is entirely of private ownership. Since its founding, it has mostly had its business operations in Slovenia; in later years its presence in foreign markets increased. Due to changes in trends and more competition than ever before, the market has been expanding and moving towards the Middle East and Asia (China, Japan, Vietnam etc.).

The prosperity and success we have experienced in the last few years confirms that we are on the right track. Globalization has had its effects; this is why we are open to new projects and we fully support the younger members of our staff, which has and will continue to bring new innovation and ideas to the company.

Success has not come on its own. It is the result of long hours of work, invested energy, assets, determination, as well as a fair share of unpleasant experiences.



                                                                 "WE LIVE WITH NATURE."

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