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Personal data controller and contact details
This policy applies to the processing (use) of any personal data carried out by Montpreis d.o.o. (controller).

Operator information:
Montpreis d.o.o.
Planina 65d
SI-3225 Planina pri Sevnici
Phone: +386 (0)8 205 4039, +386 (0)5 9929 777
Email:: info@montpreis.si

Podatki o pooblaščeni osebi za varstvo podatkov:
Tjaša Robič / Splošne informacije
Phone: +386 (0)8 205 4039
Email:: info@montpreis.si

Privacy Statement
The creators of the MONTPREIS website are aware of the importance of privacy, so we always handle your data responsibly, carefully and in accordance with applicable law, and we are committed to protecting your personal data. The purpose of the Privacy Statement is to inform you of our privacy policy and of the options available to you in how you collect and use the information online.

What personal data we process
You can visit our site and view content without identifying or providing personal information. We have installed forms on some subpages of the MONTPREIS website to help you contact us. In order to be able to realize your requests and / or answer your questions, we need your contact information: company, contact person (name and surname), telephone number, e-mail address – this may include personal information.

Before submitting a message, we ask you to give your consent to the use of personal data.
You can submit your wishes, requests and questions via the following forms:
a) You submit a request for our products and / or services: http://montpreis.si/en/contact/
b.) You can send an inquiry for our products and / or services to the following e-mail addresses: info@montpreis.si, tjasa.robic@montpreis.si, logistika@montpreis.si
c.) Submit an inquiry regarding accounting services to the e-mail address: racunovodstvo@montpreis.si

Based on the data entered by you, an e-mail is automatically generated and in the case of subpage a), it is forwarded to our general e-mail address info@montpreis.si , in the case of sub-pages b), c.) to the e-mail address of the responsible person. You will also receive a copy of the e-mail to the e-mail address you had to enter when entering the content.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data
We may process your personal data on the following legal bases:
– when necessary to meet our legal obligations (eg issuing invoices for purchased goods);
– when the processing of your personal data is necessary for the conclusion and fulfillment of the contract you have concluded with us or because you have requested an offer from us;
– when you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data for a particular purpose of processing, and you always have the right to revoke that consent

Voluntary transmission of data and consequences of non – transmission
The provision of personal data is voluntary. You are not obliged to provide us with personal data, but if you do not provide it, you cannot receive answers and / or offers from us. Due to the increased number of inquiries, please add your contact telephone number. Forms with the entered telephone number will be considered primarily.

Purposes of personal data processing
We may use your personal information for one or more of the following purposes:
– communicating with you regarding the provision of our services and responding to your inquiries;
– for statistical analyzes on the sale of our goods and on the use of our websites;

How long we keep your personal information and what happens to it afterwards
Data on issued invoices are kept for 10 years from the date of issue. We keep the data necessary for the conclusion and fulfillment of the contract between you and us for another 10 years from the fulfillment of the contract (supply of goods).

Who has access to your personal information
We do not pass on your personal data and do not allow third parties outside MONTPREIS to share it with you.

What rights do you have with regard to personal data, how can you revoke your consent to processing and what are the consequences of revoking
You have the following rights regarding your personal information:
– to request from us at any time: confirmation of whether we process your personal data; access to personal data and the following information: purposes of processing; types of personal data; users or categories of users to whom personal data have been or will be disclosed, one (free) copy of personal data in a form you specify (if the request is made by electronic means of communication and you do not request otherwise, a copy shall be provided in electronic form); correction of inaccurate personal data; restriction of processing when: you dispute the accuracy of personal data, for a period that allows us to verify the accuracy of personal data; the processing is illegal and you oppose the deletion of personal data and instead request a restriction on their use; we no longer need personal data for processing purposes, but you need it to assert, enforce or defend legal claims; deletion of all personal data (right to be forgotten) if the preconditions set out in Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation are met, and in particular in the event that you revoke your consent to the processing of personal data;

Print personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form, with the right to pass this data on to another controller without hindering me;
– the right to lodge a complaint against us with the Information Commissioner if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the General Data Protection Regulation.

The procedure for exercising rights
– You can address your requests concerning the exercise of rights in relation to personal data in writing to the contact listed under Data on the data protection officer of the controller
– For the purposes of reliable identification in the case of exercising rights in relation to personal data, we may request additional information from you, and we may refuse to take action only if we prove that we cannot reliably identify you.
– We must respond to your request to exercise your rights in relation to personal data without undue delay and at the latest within one month of receiving your request.

Concern for the security of personal data
In our company, we are committed to protecting the information you provide to us. We prevent their disclosure with various security technologies. Data is stored in permanently controlled computer systems with limited access to controlled locations.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties
The operators of our website will not pass on your personal data to a third party without your consent. We reserve the right to access and disclose personal information in order to comply with and ensure compliance with the law, meet legal requirements, use the information in legal proceedings, or protect the rights and property of our website operators or users.



By consent, I agree that the controller may:

    • for the purpose of responding to your inquiry which we have received through our website,
    • collects information about my email address

for the purpose of sending electronic news and event notifications to the operator

In addition to the above information, we will only collect information about the address of the website on which consent was given and your IP address when you gave consent and the time of consent, and for the sole purpose of proving personal consent. other messages that you will send us to exercise your rights regarding the protection of personal data. For the purpose of monitoring unsubscriptions and restrictions on processing, we will collect the date of unsubscribe or restrictions on processing, as well as e-mails notifying you of unsubscriptions and other messages related to the exercise of your personal data protection rights.

You have the right to unsubscribe or revoke your consent at any time from electronic news and notifications or invitations to events.

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