Railway sleepers and bridge sleepers

Logs which are appropriate for railway sleepers and bridge sleepers need to be healthy and of the appropriate quality so that the highest criteria on the market are able to be meet. In the past few seasons we are concentrating on the production of railway sleepers in the dimensions 16 cm x 26 cm in optional lengths and bridge sleepers (in the dimensions 24 cm x 26 cm). We are also receiving the orders for other dimensions which are previously defined according to customers’ requirements.

In this way we are contributing to the construction of railway and road infrastructure in Slovenia and abroad, as well as to arranging gardens and surroundings according to the landscape architects’, outdoor designers’ and individuals’ requirements.

We are proud that we took part in the project of Slovenian railways with the supply of bridge sleepers, produced in the company Montpreis, and therefore contributed to the reconstruction of the railway track Celje-Zidani Most.

Look for our FSC®-certified products.

You are kindly invited to call us and set a date of your business meeting. We will be happy to listen to your wishes, show you our stock and agree on the preparation of railway sleepers and bridge sleepers according to your requirements. We will prepare an offer for you which may also include appropriate logistic solutions for a reasonable price and prompt delivery.

Examples of our customers' products and the usability of oak sleepers.

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