Logs which are appropriate for boules need to be of high quality and practically without any defects.

Logs in the quality grade F2 are being debarked and later cutted into several thicknesses (32 mm, 50 mm, 120 mm or also into other thicknesses on demand). Such planks are then put on stickers and reassembled into its original form of a log.

The advantage of such lumber is the unique colour and structure which is very important for the furniture industry of the highest class. In this way it meets the needs of the most demanding customers.

We are able to offer boules in oak, maple, elm, walnut, lime and cherry in various thicknesses.

You are kindly invited to call us and set a date of your business meeting. We will be happy to listen to your wishes, show you the boules from our stock and prepare an offer for you which may also include the suitable logistic solutions for a reasonable price and prompt delivery.