Log purchase

Log purchase is the basis of our business. Therefore we are more than aware of the importance of a professional and honest attitude to every supplier.

Our qualified team with long-term experiences is able to ensure an appropriate classification of the logs to all the suppliers. This enables us to perform a complete took over process on the spot, including the transportation of the logs. We are able to ensure the agreed payment terms to every supplier. Our good payment discipline results also in the highest creditworthiness ratings that we are winning in the past few years.

For the present our biggest emphasis is on the purchase of oak logs in all quality grades (F1, F2, I, II, III), however we are always interested also in quality logs of other deciduous hardwood logs, such as maple, ash, elm, walnut, chestnut, cherry, beech, lime, American walnut etc.

We also have the possibility to buy logs from the private forest owners.

Log purchase      Log purchase

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