"Živimo z naravo" "We live with nature" "Wir leben mit der Natur"

About Montpreis

Montpreis is a family-owned company that is growing from year to year. We have been working in the field of purchase and sales of wood (lumber and logs) since 1991.

Our aim is to supply companies all over the world with lumber in several thicknesses, in all quality grades and also with logs.

Our motto is to do our business professionally, correctly and honestly. We are aware of the fact that the highest trends need to be followed as well as realisation of the long-term businesses needs to be strived to.

You are kindly invited to see our diverse offer and contact us for more information or to arrange a business meeting for you.

Log purchasing

Everything starts with log purchasing in our company.

In the past few seasons we put stronger emphasis on the purchase of oak in all quality grades and also some other wood species (maple, ash, elm etc.).

We guarantee:

  • professional and honest attitude to the log classification;
  • good purchase price;
  • possibility of the immediate payment;
  • transportation with our own truck.

Call us and set a date with our professional personnel to arrange a took over and offer for the purchase of your logs.

Log purchase      Log purchase

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Rezan les - Montpreis


We are able to offer a varied list of lumber of special and also standard species.

We are able to offer the following lumber: oak, maple, walnut, American walnut, European walnut, elm, cherry, pear – in several qualities (A, AB, B, C, ABC, BC) and in thicknesses (22mm, 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 80mm).

Our stock offers not only air-dried but also kiln dried and fresh lumber.

Contact us and inquire about the availability of our stock and that we prepare the offer for you.

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Bulsi - Montpreis


We are able to dispose with big quantity of logs which enable us to cut the highquality logs also into boules.

Therefore we are in position to offer you oak, maple, elm, poplar boules or to arrange for the custom-made production of boules on demand.

Contact us to check what we are able to offer and to prepare an offer for boules for you.

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Hlodovina - Montpreis


We are suppliers of the noble hardwood logs.


We are specialized both in veneer grade logs F1 and F2, as well as in saw logs in the quality grades A, AB, B and BC in different thicknesses and lengths.

Our biggest stock is in oak logs.

We are able to offer you also ash, walnut, beech, maple, acacia, chestnut, cherry, elm logs etc.

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Pragovi in mostnice - Montpreis


We produce fresh-cut railway sleepers from oak logs in the dimensions 16 cm x 26 cm and lengths from 220 cm to 480 cm, bridge sleepers 24 cm x 26 cm x 260 cm, however we are able to cut also other dimensions according to our customer’s requirements.

All the sleepers and bridge sleepers are produced from the healthy logs.

What makes us special is also the fact that we are able to offer the sleepers for maintenance or arranging the surroundings – garden program, infrastructure maintenance.

Contact us to inquire about the availability of railway sleepers/bridge sleepers or to place an order.

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Furnir - Montpreis

VENEER (maple, figured maple)

Sliced veneer of sycamore maple and Norway maple in the thicknesses 0.56 mm and 0.53 mm is also at your disposal. We are able to supply slightly steamed or unsteamed veneer, not to mention our peculiarity – the stock of figured maple veneer.

Veneer is appropriate and prepared for the carpentry (furniture).

Contact us and set a date of your business meeting or to place an order.

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Staran les - Montpreis


We like to make sure that wood keeps living on.

For this purpose we are offering antique oak from the old wooden house from the year 1882.

It is distinguished by its specific rustic colour, however wood is still healthy, firm and more than appropriate for the further production – for style furniture and unique products.

A dendrochronological analysis of this material has also been made so that we are able to prove the authenticity of the wood origin.

You are kindly invited to see the material and inquire about the purchase.

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We remain at your disposal for more information: info@montpreis.si,montpreisdoo@siol.net, +386 (0)3 748 1003.

We remain at your disposal for more information: info@montpreis.si,montpreisdoo@siol.net, +386 (0)3 748 1003.

In our more than 25-years business tradition we are placing confidence in our experiences, reliability and credibility because we are a serious and trustworthy business partner. We also own a FSC certificate and several highest creditworthiness ratings which are granted by Bisnode group.

Our success results also in the cooperation with the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Slovenian Railways and also some humanitarian institutes (Pod strehco).

We are proud to cooperate with numerous customers all over the world.

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